Making A Bezel Wall

To start out you need:

- Fine Silver wire - I use 1/8th” x 26 gauge 

- Sharp sizers dedicated to thin fine silver wire 

- Compass

- Cabochon gemstone

Aligning the long side of the cabochon, hold the end of the fine silver against the stone with your right hand (if your right handed) and use your left hand to wrap the wire around the stone. Keep the wire against the side of the cabochon and make sure the bottom of the wire is touching the table. Wrap the fine silver wire all the way around so it overlaps the original end.

Use the sharp side of your compass to mark where the the wire overlaps. Keep in mind that you can trim the wire if it’s too long, but you must start over if the wire is too short. Use your scissors specifically dedicated to the fine silver wire and cut perpendicularly to the wire. 

Using your half round pliers, bend the edges of the ends to face each other in the same direction. Bend the wire up and down and overlapping back and forth until you see the ends lightly touching with no gap. 

Moving to the soldering station, first cover the joint of the wire with flux. Then cut a piece of hard solder at a length that is the same as the height of the bezel wire. Using the “feathery” end of your torch, hold the torch perpendicular to the soldering block and evenly heat the wire in a circular motion until the solder flows. 

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